The new fertilizer spreader M42 ISO with a hopper capacity from 1.500 to 4.200 lt. has been specially designed for professional farmers.
The working width (42 mt) is divided into 16 sections (8 right – 8 left).
The dose and the drop point of the fertilizer are automatically adjusted by disconnecting the sections from the outside to the inside.
The NOVUM Section Control system connected to the ISOBUS terminal allows to adjust the dose and the working width by GPS, allowing a perfect overlap, saving costs and maximizing the production, especially in the presence of fields with irregular shapes.
The distribution is extremely tested in flow regulation, independently of the changes of quantity, speed or working width, through the use of a PATENTED subframe. ISOBUS version available with load cells.
Entering prescription maps on the monitor it is possible to diversify the dose, based on the real needs of the plants (VARIABLE RATE).