Professional fertilizer spreader S18 is suitable for the distribution of chemical, granulated, powdery and pellets fertilizer.
It is able to reach a maximum working width of 18 mt. (with urea is spreadable up to 15 mt.).
Stainless steel version is also available with a capacity from 800 to 1600 lt.
The spreading discs, vanes, agitators, housing and opening plates are made of stainless steel in order to ensure a long-term life.
Due to the corrosive products used during operations, every component of the machine has been treated and painted before being assembly.
ISOBUS version available with load cells. Entering prescription maps on the monitor it is possible to diversify the dose, based on the real needs of the plants (VARIABLE RATE).

S18 S model has a standard 8 section working width control through dose variation.
In wedge-shaped areas the spreading is more uniform and the actual amount of fertilizer remains constant over the entire surface.
It is possible to adjust the working width AUTOMATICALLY by GPS from outside to inside in 4 sections per side.